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Inculcating Gratitude

Are you aware enough to express Gratitude?

My father prepares a Amla and ginger mixed past with salt and gives me regularly so that I do not suffer from acidity, he keeps this ready early morning as I leave for office, along with this he also does the difficult task of removing the pomegranate beans and sharing me without fail. 

A friend is in need of job and I could get a reference from someone whom I  hardly knew and my friend gets an interview call.

I lately read Michelle Obama’s book “ Becoming ”  and there was so much to learn from what she has written in her book in all aspects -high class English vocabulary, her life which is an inspiration, her phenomenal work for society and her strong family values and bonding.

My daughter tries to make me happy by showing me her favourite pictures of cats and dogs, however naive it is but with the genuine intention to bring smile on my tired face when I am back from office.

Lately I have started being aware how my wife doesn’t mind putting my clothes full of sweat in the bathroom for her to wash and does that for me with happiness with a intention they are clean, it may look so trivial, but when you become aware, you realize how much it matters in today’s fast world.

And how can we forget GOD, who always listens to our prayers when you sincerely pray to him and express gratitude .

And as I ponder over my thoughts more and more, I feel the list of Gratitude gets endless and this realization has come to me lately.

Its only because of the awareness which I am slowly building within myself, else these incidences were happening before as well but went unnoticed by me !!

Unless we become aware of our thoughts we will miss the magnificent opportunities of expressing gratitude to all those ones out there who are really making a difference in our life’s.

In order to build this awareness we need to bring slowness in our thoughts and also build gaps between two thoughts and meditate too, so that we become more and more aware of incidences which have made a difference in our life via some or the other object – either human or non-human  !!

Let’s start building awareness within ourselves in order to keep on expressing gratitude to all those wonderful human and nonhuman objects around us.”

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Sushil Prabhudesai

By Profession, I am a Supply Chain Management Professional with a Techno Commercial background. Writing is one of my passion which I developed at an early age and I try to write across various topics, I also love to read, and hence I try to engage myself in reading across diverse areas. I am very happy to be associated with IdoThankU and share my experiences on Gratitude.

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