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Author: Mugdha Savkar

The wait for water

Yesterday as we anticipated yet another stuffy sweaty night with the heat oppressively heaving down on us, we heard a rumbling, saw a flash of lightning and to our immense relief and delight, heard the pitter patter of the year’s first rain drops. Though it was late, all of us ran out into the street […]

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There’s plenty of time!

“I want to seriously practice gratitude; I’ve even got myself a journal so I can start penning my day’s list but I just don’t have the time!”   I overheard this line at the airport recently. Turning to look for the source of this genuine consternation, I saw a young woman dressed in a crisply ironed […]

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By the artist Ruby Silvious

Gra – Tea – tude!

The dark chocolate covered wafer was delicious. The wafers were crisp and the dark chocolate was a smooth, perfectly balanced bittersweet. As I broke off a piece of the special edition dark chocolate Kit Kat and popped it in my mouth, I was transported… to a hilltop, a starlit evening, a cool gentle breeze wafting […]

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Far-Reaching​ Gratitude

Annadātā, Annakartā, Annabhogtā Sukhi BhavaĀjchyā sārkha udyā milo (May the one who provides food, cooks food and eats food be contentedly happy, May today’s abundance continue tomorrow) I heard this simplest of Marathi prayers for the first time, a little over a decade ago. We had recently moved to a new house and my mother’s […]

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The Purple Cat

I know it’s a bit late (or too early in the year, depending on how one looks at it), to discuss Christmas. But nevertheless… this past Christmas has been unforgettable. Not because it was a day of great hope and miracles and spiritual moments. In fact, it was a super simple Christmas with me visiting […]

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When Silence bestows Gifts

After a month-long sojourn in picturesque jungles, the first thing that hit me hard as I landed in my beloved “bustling Bombay” (yes, I still think of it as Bombay), was NOISE.  This has been a sweet November, with immeasurable beauty, peace and stillness all around. Sure I was working amidst lots of people and […]

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Gratitude Celebrated!

Wishing everyone reading this piece a (probably) belated but a very Happy Thanksgiving! The world celebrates thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November but for us here at IdoThankU!, everyday is Thanksgiving Day! Today as I write this, I’m sitting in a cozy beautiful tree house amidst the jungles of the Bandhavgarh National Park. All […]

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“Don’t let the Good go…”

We met in Delhi for a project. He was – still is – a Creative Strategist & represented the other party involved. I was – still am – a culinary researcher & food stylist, and represented the chef. My team handled a myriad things and our profile looked confusing. It needed sharpening and polishing. He […]

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