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By the artist Ruby Silvious

Gra – Tea – tude!

The dark chocolate covered wafer was delicious. The wafers were crisp and the dark chocolate was a smooth, perfectly balanced bittersweet. As I broke off a piece of the special...

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Mes fées françaises

My French Fairies I always marvel at Life’s wonderful sense of humour. It loves playing pranks on us poor unsuspecting mortals and if you listen carefully, you can sometimes hear...

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वो चार रँग

जाड़े की मखमली धूप में कभी पढ़ते कभी सो जाया करते थे, टीन की छत को साफ कपड़े से पोंछकर, माँ के हाथ की बनी गोल-गोल बड़ी-मुँगौड़ियाँ डालने के लिए तेल लगाया...

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Far-Reaching​ Gratitude

Annadātā, Annakartā, Annabhogtā Sukhi BhavaĀjchyā sārkha udyā milo (May the one who provides food, cooks food and eats food be contentedly happy, May today’s abundance continue tomorrow) I heard this...

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Gratitude on my 10KMs Run

“ I realized the importance of gratitude during my 10Km run at Powai Marathon, As I was introspecting after the race I found there were so many instances to say...

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