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The cake that meant so much more

A perfectly happy week, I was looking forward to celebrate my son’s fifth birthday. As with all proud parents, I couldn’t be more happy to have everything in place right...

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Stop saying thank you, start showing it

Gratitude, honour and recognition are deeper and more powerful than just saying thank you. Saying thank you isn’t hard at all. But the words can lose meaning if they’re just...

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Focusing on ‘what’s right’, not ‘what’s wrong’

Be thankful today! We all surely have come across this phrase on more than one occasion. Life has its highs and lows, but the one thing that stands true no...

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Fostering gratitude through community spirit

Stepping into the festive season, the biggest factor we sense around us is community spirit. Be it gathering for daily Durga pujas or even dancing at the evening garbas –...

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Say ThankU today, benefit tomorrow

As humans we are conditioned to say thank you in relation to a specific event. For example, a friend helps you or your family out of a tricky situation –...

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