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Inculcating Gratitude

Gratitude Celebrated!

Wishing everyone reading this piece a (probably) belated but a very Happy Thanksgiving! The world celebrates thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November but for us here at IdoThankU!, everyday is Thanksgiving Day!

Today as I write this, I’m sitting in a cozy beautiful tree house amidst the jungles of the Bandhavgarh National Park. All around me is silence interspersed with a burst of birdsong. This is a very special assignment I’m on and every single day I am “grateful to be able to be grateful” for such unique experiences.

For the past few days however, my experiences have been an interesting mix of unique and uniquely simple ones. In order to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, I thought why not list them out?! So here it is…. my Thanksgiving list….

I wish to say a great big Thank You to the Universe for…

  1. A job which gives me the opportunities to travel to the most interesting places in the world and discover wonderful people, sights and cuisines.
  2. A boss (Chef Michael Swamy) who takes care of me – so much that my parents are at ease knowing I am safe in his company – and makes me a part of these special journeys.
  3. The gorgeous lush jungles of India which are home to so many fantastic colourful birds, animals, insects, plants, trees and flowers.

This brings me to another list… a list of people – seen & unseen, known & unknown, living in the present & those having already come to this earth & gone on to heaven ages ago – who touch my life when I am in the jungle…

  • Those visionaries who created the concept of preserving and nurturing nature in the form of National Parks & Wildlife Reserves.
  • The engineers and labourers who built roads and railways leading to these jungles so people like me can travel there.
  • Those hospitable souls who built lodges and resorts so nature lovers have a safe and clean (and sometimes luxurious) place to stay in when they visit.
  • The naturalists who garner so much knowledge and work so hard in order to be able to show me the magnificent sight of a tiger in the wild.
  • The drivers who wake up at 4 am every single day in order to take perfect strangers into the jungle and bring them safely to their lodges after a safari.
  • The staff who work at these lodges to make my stay so comfortable and feed me fresh hot meals thrice a day.
  • The man or woman who invented the hot water bag which warms by bed and makes it a soothing retreat during these cold nights. (It’s VERYcold here in Bandhavgarh!)
  • The man (men) or woman (women) who made the first blankets and shawls and mufflers and gloves bringing warmth to their loved ones and inspiring many others to bring warmth to the world.
  • The thoughtful seamstress or weaver who brought about the concept of mosquito nets. Not only do they keep the buzzing nuisances away, they also make a bed feel more cozy and act as delicate dreamcatchers keeping bad dreams at bay.
  • The people who made water heaters and shower heads which enable so many of us to enjoy a hot shower without having to gather wood and build a fire to first heat water.
  • It goes without saying that the next bunch of people on my list are those who made taps and plumbing systems without which we would first have to walk to a river or lake or well and fill numerous pots with water to enjoy a bath.
  • The tea plantation workers in the remote Himalayan foothills whose labour translates into the hot cup of honey lemon tea I’m enjoying as I write this piece.
  • Also, the coffee plantation workers from the south of India, without whom I would be unable to get out of bed in the morning and would miss a chance to visit my beloved jungle.
  • Those intelligent but probably unassuming scholars who created language and script and writing so that I could put these thoughts of mine into words.
  • The geniuses who invented paper and pen, the computer and the laptop and ultimately the internet which gives my thoughts and ideas a bridge to reach out to the world at large.
  • The people at IdoThankU! for creating platforms such as this which infuse the world with positivity.
  • Last but definitely not the least, you, the reader, who (in all probability) without having met me or heard of me, have taken the time out to read this piece and given me a chance to connect with you.

The author dedicates this article to all naturalists, forest guides and jungle resort staff in India, particularly the team at Pugdundee Safaris.

Thank you ALL from the very bottom of my heart! 

IdoThankU welcomes your thoughts on gratitude, grateful experiences and appreciation in the form of a story, poetry, experience or knowledge from any part of the world. We are grateful to publish write-ups by external contributors, which not necessarily reflect our own. Send us email at connect@idothanku.comto join us as contributors and become a Gratitude Ambassador !

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Mugdha Savkar

A culinary researcher by profession, Mugdha Savkar, loves to travel and discover places, people and foods. Her love for books, however, overpowers everything else and she often finds her best escapes in the many worlds that lie hidden within the pages of a good book.

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  • Tripti Bisht

    Dearest Mugdha,
    Knowing you, this list is no surprise!
    Simple, well-written, and the “Thank You” literally penetrating down to every single contributor who has made your current jungle experience so thought provoking.
    “Thank You” for this right-from-the-heart list. Looking forward to more 🙂
    Bestest wishes

    • Mugdha Savkar

      Dear Dear Tripti,

      #IdoThankU so much for such heartfelt remarks and particularly more for taking the time out to not only read my story but comment on it! I really hope it inspires people to look at every experience they have and see how many people are involved in bringing that to them.
      #IdoThankU again!


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