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Inculcating Gratitude

Gratitude on my 10KMs Run

“ I realized the importance of gratitude during my 10Km run at Powai Marathon, As I was introspecting after the race I found there were so many instances to say “Thank you “ to all those people/things who really made me successfully complete the race and hence I wish to share them with you all as below :

1. The organizers for arranging such a run and giving us a chance to test ourselves.

2. The fitness team who did a wonderful Yoga based warm up session before the run so that we perform well without any injury’s.

3. My friend Paresh who ran with me and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, I wish to thank Hemant – My Office Colleague, Suman- my friend and Bennett – The NRC Club Coach who guided me all along.

4. The boys and Girls who served water, juice on the way to keep the body sufficiently hydrated and strong.

5. All those cheerleaders who came to motivate us on a cold early morning.

6. The Rotary team who donated all the funds received via this run for a social cause.

7. My great shoes for not giving up inspite of the little sole breaking which happened at the start of the race.

8. The people who served us a healthy breakfast after the race.

9. The people who gave our Medals and made us feel proud about ourselves.

10. The technology behind the race which made things look so easy.

11. The Almighty for giving me the will power to keep myself going on during the race.

12. People who genuinely appreciated me for my efforts.

Again the list is endless, but if we become aware and observe minutely instances in anything we do in life we suddenly realise that we have innumerable instances to express gratitude  !! 

So let’s keep on finding such instances and continue expressing our gratitude in whatever possible way we can in the beautiful journey of life.”

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Sushil Prabhudesai

By Profession, I am a Supply Chain Management Professional with a Techno Commercial background. Writing is one of my passion which I developed at an early age and I try to write across various topics, I also love to read, and hence I try to engage myself in reading across diverse areas. I am very happy to be associated with IdoThankU and share my experiences on Gratitude.

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