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Inculcating Gratitude

My Gratitude List

“I was quite fascinated by the role of Madhuri Dixit in her first Marathi Movie ” The Bucket List” (wasn’t she the best as usual ?), the movie as you all might be aware  depicted the “wish/ bucket list”  of a young girl who donates her heart to Madhuri’s role in the movie, and Madhuri’s character completes this ” Bucket list ” which the young girl had set to complete before a defined age.

To draw almost similar analogue wherein I believe in everyone’s life there will also be a gratitude list towards those people /things who have helped each one fulfil her /his wish/ bucket list.

Here is my gratitude list which I wish to express by giving a big ” Thank you ” towards all of  them :

  1. My parents for the strong values system they have given me and always tried to imbibe the importance of hard work, commitment and sincerity in me.
  2. All my teachers right from School till date who gave me various lessons of life.
  3. All my quality close friends who ensure to help me when I really need them.
  4. All my very closed family members who were there by me during my tough times in life.
  5. All my genuine superiors who groomed me on my professional front.
  6. My Employers who never made me feel worried on getting my Salary on the last date of the month.
  7. All my Doctors who gave me the best treatment possible to get me back to normal.
  8. All my wonderful Rotary friends who gave me the opportunity to contribute back to the society and make a difference at least in a small way in someone’s life.
  9. All my well-wishers who taught me the importance of good physical and mental health.
  10. All those who have directly or indirectly helped me make my life safe, secure and much better compared to all those unfortunate who struggle every day to make their end’s meet.
  11. How can I forget the Almighty who takes care of me every time when I  am in some or the other trouble and need help?

As I run through my day I realise that come across innumerable instances to thank people/things around me that I may end up writing a whole book just to thank them, so the list continues……

So I feel may be the best way we can do is at least remain aware of all those who make a positive difference in our life by  subconsciously expressing gratitude to them !!!

Friends, as we have made a beginning for 2019 would you also take this opportunity in expressing gratitude to all those you want to and would you also like to share with us how you are doing that ? 

Isn’t it amazing what self-fulfilling expressive power nature has given us ? And friends are we using it ?

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Sushil Prabhudesai

By Profession, I am a Supply Chain Management Professional with a Techno Commercial background. Writing is one of my passion which I developed at an early age and I try to write across various topics, I also love to read, and hence I try to engage myself in reading across diverse areas. I am very happy to be associated with IdoThankU and share my experiences on Gratitude.

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