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Inculcating Gratitude


There are big companies in India who had to shut shops even after having reasonably happy customers. Ever wondered what went wrong with these companies? It could well be attributed to a lower than required focus on human values, in pursuit of a higher than desirable level of corporate ‘performance’.

“It was the value system of the Taj Group that helped them to deal with the 26/11 Mumbai Terrorist Attack in 2008, with no employee of the hotel leaving the hotel,” said Mr. Milind Mangle, an Internationally Certified Leadership Coach and one of the panelists during the Panel Discussion on “Value of Values in Corporate Growth” organized by IdoThankU at Rise Mumbai, Lower Parel on 7th December, 2017.

The purpose of organizing such an event was to highlight the importance of human values in the corporate world by bringing into consideration the tales of few companies who have integrated such values into their fabric better than most others. The discussion which featured panelists from diverse corporate backgrounds, turned out to be an event which uncovered brilliant examples of Company values from some of the world’s best known brands.


Speaking on the topic, Mr. Pralhad Bellubbi, Senior mentor and Strategist having 30 years of global experience, said, “The purposes of businesses have changed. Revenue earning for shareholders is only one component of the business, nowadays. The major component is to create values for each of the stakeholders, be it shareholders, employees, vendors and suppliers, customers or the community at large. Could we imagine just 50 years ago, companies like Ola and Uber, being one of the largest companies with owning a single car?” He went on to saying that “Human values are critically important for our survival because human beings have evolved. And only the basic need does not drive our lives these days.”

If the most crucial asset of any enterprise is humans, can there be anything more important than taking cerebral, emotional and spiritual care of this asset? With the advent of technologies, such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and automation, the importance of human values is going to grow or decrease? There were several questions that were raised to the panelists by the moderator, Dr. Pavan Soni, who himself has worked as Innovation Evangelist at Wipro. The questions ranged from:


  • Values in the future with Augmented Reality (AI) and robots making decisions and working alongside humans, to kinds of values integral to past, present, and future
  • To contribution of values to the success of the likes of Sundar Pichai and other Indians abroad.
  • To upholding values during hard times by the organization and resulting outcomes and so on.


Mr. Shankar Jadhav, who is Head of Strategy at BSE, put forward an interesting point that the population density of any place defines its value system. “If I visit a place where the roads are empty and suppose somebody drives from left, I would request the person to please go ahead, I will go later. When people are assured that they are not going to lose out something, then they are really worried about values, they take care and respect each other. The moment the threshold crosses, then the real game starts,” said Mr. Jadhav, on being asked why do countries like US are doing good when it comes to human values.


When the same question was thrown to Khyati Shah, who has worked with companies like SkillNet Solutions and Hitachi Data Systems, she was of the view that the countries like US are doing good because of the processes the government has put in place. She said, “India is running on chaos because there are no processes as far as values are concerned. In US, you don’t have to worry about losing your job; the government is going to take care for some time.”



Co-Founder of Taxpert Professionals, CA. Sudha G. Bhushan, who was one of the panelists on dais during the event, is having her entire team in their 20’s. On being asked by the moderator, how does she ensure that these people doesn’t get tempted or get carried away and still uphold values in the financial segment, she said, “We have been very conscious of building a culture which lays down the foundation which is right. We have few values such as Commitment and Ownership which we have been inculcating in them since Day 1.”

Prompt and crisp viewpoints put forward by the panelists turned the discussion into a healthy debate with the panelists having a difference in their perspective in the order of hierarchy and need for values but yet respecting each other’s viewpoints. What made the event even more interesting was the involvement and the questions from the audience that took the discussion a notch up.

The whole session was indeed a call for action to bring back the human values of integrity, gratitude, and reciprocity, amongst others, to the core of our businesses, for a disproportionate share of us spend a considerable time or get severely shaped by the corporates around. And no one can deny the fact that the human values are the real essence of any organization’s identity and the purpose of their existence.

“It’s not hard to make decisions if you know what your values are.” – Roy E. Disney



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