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Inculcating Gratitude

Stop saying thank you, start showing it

Gratitude, honour and recognition are deeper and more powerful than just saying thank you. Saying thank you isn’t hard at all. But the words can lose meaning if they’re just words. What’s important is showing your gratitude through little actions. And in doing so, these little acts of gratitude will radiate throughout the world, changing it in subtle but profound way.

Can you imagine the kind of ripple effect showing gratitude would have? If someone helped you in someway, all you have to do is express the gratefulness you feel. If Stop saying thank you, start showing ityou were having a bad day, someone else would take time out of her life to comfort you, out of gratitude for a kindness you did him or her yesterday. People would still get angry, or sad, but would know to find ways to be grateful, even in difficult situations.

Some people truly go above and beyond. They give of themselves in a way that compels you emotionally to let them know how much they helped you. Sure, you could just say thank you or even shake hands. But when someone improves your life in a significant manner, you want to find an approach to gratitude that speaks emotionally as well.

What better way to be grateful than showing it to the world with our thank you cards? These little notes are sure to make someone’s day. Why don’t you follow the simple steps below to express your gratitude via Twitter?

  • Head to @ThankUCard on Twitter
  • Send us a direct message – for example, #thanku @friendshandle your support means the world to me

Fancy a hand-held note instead? Log on to to try out our paper cards for free!

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