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Inculcating Gratitude

Sushil’s experiences with Gratitude!

My experiences with “Gratitude ” !!

The other day the rickshaw wala came and stood in front of me, when I was extremely tired on my way back from office and the feeling that I may not get a rickshaw was troubling me, how grateful I felt to the rickshawala for saying “Yes” to take me to my destination.

I had to get some certificates quickly for my Rotary club from Vashi with no one to pick it up, I hesitantly called my office colleague who quickly said “Yes” and next day- on time the documents were in my hand.

My office boy orders lunch for me several time and serves me with just a small request, though it’s not his job or task.

I like to learn new things in my profession continuously and look for some specific information on urgent basis, I have some friends who share it at such lightning speed.

I have instances when I was about to react strongly on some unjust matters with colleagues / superiors when HE gave me the intelligence to take a deep breath and hold on and let it pass away.

The engraved values given by my parents and HIM have helped me in my worst situations in life and kept me going.

I can continue on and on, but I have to stop myself here by lastly mentioning about my illness 3 years back and how GOD, my Doctors and family supported me to get me back to normal.

Friends, each instance mentioned above helped me either become positive, confident, relaxed, motivated or feel good about me and most importantly the expression or feeling or emotion which got triggered within me was spontaneous and came from within and I can call them as my “Gratitude experiences”.

Have you also got  such gratitude experiences to share friends ?

—Gratitude Experiences share by Sushil Prabhudesai.

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